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Introducing Bellwoods Brewery's Non-Alcoholic Jelly King: A game-changing dry-hopped sour that brings the iconic craft beer experience to the mindful social drinker. It’s so good you’ll forget you’re not drinking the OG.


That's right. You can now enjoy Bellwoods' iconic dry hopped sour without the hangover.


Crafted with the same passion for quality and flavour, Non-Alcoholic Jelly King showcases a delightful blend of peachy notes, derived from the unique yeast and bacteria used during the brewing process. The result is a refreshingly sour and captivating drink that proudly wears the Jelly King crown.


Savour the taste this beautifully reimagined brew and step up your non-alcoholic craft game.

Bellwoods Brewery NA Jelly King Dry Hopped Sour

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